Mitchell Blum

Dr. Blum and Life Style Lift offer a full service medical facility dedicated to outpatient facial plastic surgery and skin resurfacing procedures. The following pages will give you a small glimpse at the many personal options available to each patient. The goal? To make sure each patient gets the service and look they desire through the use of these different options of skin care and facial surgery.

Why Dr. Blum and why Lifestyle Lift? He has done over 2000 face lifts in the 6 years with this company along with a similar amount of eye lid surgeries, brow lifts and laser resurfacing procedures. His training and experience has focused on the head and neck with a strong understanding of the functioning of the ears,nose and throat. He has many years of experience in reconstructive surgery in these areas and had spent almost 10 years on the trauma team at Mercy San Juan Hospital in Sacramento until joining Lifestyle Lift in 2009.

Lifestyle Lift is the largest private facial cosmetic surgery company in the United States with 40 centers in most of the metropolitan areas from coast to coast. It is staffed by board certified facial plastic and general plastic surgeons, and a staff of consultants, patient care representatives and surgical technicians well trained and knowledgeable. We aim to give every patient an Epic experience

This web site was not designed to sell you on any particular procedure. It is important to understand that each person has a unique condition which can be corrected by the procedure only you and Dr. Blum can decide on together. To find out the best course of therapy for you, visit the Lifestyle Lift office and meet with our professional consultants and with Dr. Blum in person. Only then will you be able to decide which is the best option for you.